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Pilates | Yoga

Pilates & Yoga, flexibility, balance, toning

In Planet Fitness you have the opportunity to work out with Pilates and Yoga methods.

Pilates and Yoga methods aim to improve balance, flexibility and muscle fitting, improving both physical and mental health.

The Pilates program is conducted with Swiss balls, special rubber bands, rings and body weight.

The Yoga program aims to tighten through flexibility and isometric exercises.


Yoga vs Pilates : Main Differences
 Yoga   Pilates 
includes the use of a fitness instrument / spiritual focus   has more than one body / workout focus
increases the range of motion, the sense of well-being and can reduce stress   strengthens the "core" (abs, torso, lower spine) and helps to develop and strengthen muscles, without, however, increasing their mass.
helps in complete control of breathing   helps in complete control of body posture
is known for developing strength, stability and balance   is known for creating length in the body, offering safety and control
inhale and exhale through the nose   inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth
focuses more on breathing exercises and flexibility exercises, in order to "expand" the body inside and out. It will help you to get better physical condition soon, because it has a more dynamic program  

is a more static program that works on the whole body equally, but requires less effort

Yoga vs Pilates: Bonus
Reduces the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body, from the very first session, while it will effectively relieves back pain and those that are caused from arthritis  

It strengthens the back and abs, increasing flexibility, helping this way the better posture of the body

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