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Fitathlon the revolution in Cross training

What is FiTATHLON® - Cross training?

FiTATHLON® is a safe exercise experience, which effectively combines cross training and fun and produces measurable results for practitioners.

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Who is FiTATHLON® for?

FiTATHLON® is suitable for all healthy people, regardless of age, gender, ability and level, FEARLESSLY and with SAFETY.

At the same time, it is a perfect tool for additional training of ATHLETES, regardless of sport, which allows them to maximize their competitive performance. What makes FiTATHLON® suitable to everyone is the methodological approach that is developed specifically for it, through which the needs and particularities of each individual are detected. Specifically, it is evaluated and ranked in groups according to:

  • personal needs
  • any problems
  • the special requirements of everyday life
  • sports
  • the level of physical condition
  • skills

Based on the evaluation and ranking, the trainers are led to a careful selection of exercises, from the exercise book FiTATHLON®, which are part of the program.

Why to choose FiTATHLON®

  • ΓBecause the scientific team thar created it based on the latest guidelines of the largest Scientific Organizations in the field of exercise (ACSM, NSCA, AFAA), in order to offer the utmost of the positive adaptations of the exercise with SAFETY.
  • Through FiTATHLON® will get:
    • agility-flexibility
    • power
    • speed
    • stamina
  • Because at the same time FiTATHLON® integrates, in a training unit, the "Functional Training" and the "Exercise for Health", making it a much more effective way of exercising, compared to all other systems, fulfilling the need of the practitioners for the today’s so-called "Complete and Holistic Exercise".

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