Monday-Friday 08:00-23:00, Saturday 11:00-20:00, Sunday closed

Gym’s Facilities

  • Strengthening room
  • Cardiopulmonary room
  • Two group rooms
  • Sauna
  • Fat measurement
  • Men's locker rooms
  • Women's locker rooms
  • Living room
  • Five toilets
  • Ten showers

Muscle Tightening - Toning - Strengthening Zone

  • Gloute Express
  • Planet Total Body
  • Planet Body Tone
  • Planet ABS
  • Planet Power
  • Fitathlon Strength

Ζώνη καύσης λίπους - Καρδιοαναπνευστικής

  • Planet Aerobic
  • Spinning
  • Fitathlon Cardio

Ζώνη σύσφιξης - Τόνωσης - Καύσης λίπους

  • Fitathlon Strength
  • Fitathlon Cardio
  • Spinning
  • Planet Body Tone

Fat Burning Zone - Cardiopulmonary

  • Planet Yoga
  • Planet Pilates
  • Inform your trainer about any health problems or disorders.
  • Warm-up is necessary to avoid injuries
  • For your own safety do not enter the program if you are more than 10 minutes lateExercise shoes should be appropriate for aerobics, clean and if possible used exclusively in the fitness room
  • The use of a towel is mandatory
  • Please return the fitness instruments (stepper, tires, weights, bars) to their place after the end of the program
  • No group program will take place if the attendance does not exceed 4 participants
  • Warm-up and recovery (stretching) are necessary to avoid injuries
  • For more information about the programs, contact our secretariat and our well qualified trainers.

Planet Fitness: MILESTONES

  • 2001 startup
  • 2004 premises expansion to 930m
  • 2014 introducing spinning
  • 2015 cooperation with Concept Company
  • 2016 cooperation with Polar (Polar Team Solution)


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